History - Divina Skull

Our history

The history of the first Divine Skull

The story of the Divine Skull was born in a minute workshop of artisans in Florence in 2001. Two sisters, Camilla and Susanna Alisi, in their different but complementary ways, crowned their longtime dream of creating unique jewelry.
Clearly they will succeed as they refer to their atelier a Workshop of Dreams: each piece stems from an emotion, an important event, and tells a story.

One sunny morning during the period of Carnival in the Workshop of Dreams, while Susanna is busy designing a new collection, she wonders: Why should a skull be a symbol of death? It is really a mask of life, a way to disguise ourselves and just for a moment be the personality that we would like to be! And that is the moment that the first Divine Skull appears. This revolutionary piece of jewelry, designed by hand and produced by artisan goldsmiths in Florence comes on the scene to let each person be divine in the sense of sublime.


Each unique piece is numbered and has been created to express some facet of character. The skull is portrayed as a symbol of life and, besides being an ornamental accessory, has a very special meaning for its wearer, – a talisman for everyday life.

This story fans out into the world from the enchanting town of Florence. If you happen to stroll along Via Porta Rossa, you can see for yourself the Workshop of Dreams. Susanna and Camilla will welcome you with open arms and will be happy to show you how to create your Dream.

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