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How dreams are born

This is the story of a Divina jewel, starting from an idea right through to the finished object. Every piece of Divina is unique, created to express a facet of personality. Each piece is designed and made in the heart of Florence and, in the finest Florentine goldsmiths' tradition, crafted by hand by master artisans, and numbered.


Devising on paper

Susanna fills up pages and pages with her sketches in pen and ink and, while designing, she works out the details. Most sketches are discarded while those chosen are further elaborated then finalized.

The materials

All our pieces are recognizable due to the use of silver and gold, mixed with a special alloy that respects the craftsmanship of production. Most of the collection is made in silver 925% and gold from 9 ct upward. For both gold and silver, we use enamel coating to give the color that characterizes our jewels. Some models are further embellished with precious stones, – rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

foto Leonardo Brogionifoto Leonardo Brogioni

The models

Camilla discusses every detail of the design with the goldsmith: its “wearability” and “comfort”. The jewel must be able to be worn every day. The model is then made in silver so that it can be checked straightaway, and any modifictions made.

Moulding and casting

As soon as Susanna has given her final approval, the piece is subjected to the technique of wax microfusion, a craft whose origin goes back to 4000 BC. It is still the best technique for the production of high quality jewelry.

The finishing of cast pieces

The pieces are then cleaned, polished and completed by the goldsmith who also prepares them for any additional work that needs to be done. They are then enameled and the jewel completed. Every Divina jewel is hallmarked and numbered; every piece is unique and differs slightly from others.

foto Leonardo Brogionifoto Leonardo Brogioni
foto Leonardo Brogionifoto Leonardo Brogioni
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